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Glenmore National School Students' Council

This year, the students' council was set up by Mr. Grant. It consists of 10 pupils ranging from 2nd class to 6th class. In order to become a member of the students' council of Glenmore National School, the pupils wrote down their reasons why they would make a good council member. Mr. Grant then chose the 10 members. These 10 members are:

2nd Class Danny Byrne, Rachel Nathan

3rd Class Diarmuid Claridge, Amy Clancy.

4th Class Tim McDonald, Saoirse Doyle. 

5th Class Saorlaith Mullally, Richard Claridge

6th Class Freya O'Brien, Katie Boyce

We are delighted to have a students' council in our school. The students' council will assist in the running of competitions and special occasions during the school year. They will play an important role, sharing the ideas and opinion of all the students of the school with the teachers, Board of Management and Parents' Council.